What 2 Do – Second Life (SL)

Sorry I went a little fast and not stopping and reading the stones with the text….

but this is my 3rd (SL) account the first two has creepy people in the friends and I just didn’t want to deal with them and the pop-ups suck I know and yes for me it was lagging but that was because it had many well 4 or 5 avatars who don’t move or isn’t doing anything… I like to move fast and get things done on my laptop and call it the end of the day/night….

The keys you only need is

your four arrows, shift, Ctrl, ALT, Page Up & Page Down are the main keys to second life.

Um oh and if you play I would use Singularity 64 bit for windows 10 and up or any laptop / computer…

My reason for singularity (64 bit) viewer is because it has no lagging, it’s faster, and better graphics and it loads fast.

Link : http://www.singularityviewer.org/downloads

64 bit not the 32 bit that one sucks.

Also don’t comment on my laptops background I like The 69 Eyes… and I’m a girly girl.

anyway um yeah just watch the video on what to do and use the keys that are needed and get the singularity (64 bit) viewer for second life.



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